Approach 1

Our Approach

You have or are looking at a property to flip. Now what?

Imagine the overwhelming load of rehabbing a house yourself. You need to find your contractors, you need to stay under budget, and you can’t spend much time on site. Now what do you do!?

Our Approach is the answer. It’s tried and true and worked for over 1,000 homes.

  • Get Property Under Contract

    Use our Turnkey Estimates app to get a quick and close estimate so you can get a property when one comes across your plate.

  • Get Property Inspected/Schedule An Appointment

    Get your property inspected. An official inspection report will help guide us into some must do’s for the property.

    If you haven’t already, scheduling an appointment with us is the next step. We get to know you, come out to your property, and create a customized approach to the project.

  • We Create A Customized Plan For Your Property

    We give you an accurate scope of your investment property. You know what our timeline is, what work is getting done, and your expected profit on the deal. Most importantly, you avoid the headache of taking a rehab on yourself.

  • You watch the house flip before your eyes.

    You can be involved as much as you want. Our goal is to make this Turn-Key. Together, we flip your property and get you well on your way to doing it again and again and again.