Jeff Perry

Jeff Perry

CEO/Partner-Fast Track Roofing, LLC
I have been in the new home construction, remodeling, and roofing industry for over 18 years. I started in the home home construction industry with Coventry Homes in Houston, Texas. I started at Coventry Homes as an assistant builder and then moved into a builder position shortly thereafter.

After working for Coventry Homes, I moved to Austin, Texas and went to work for Wilshire Homes as a New Home Construction Superintendent. While at Wilshire Homes, I was offered the opportunity to build the Meridian Neighborhood model home.

Working in the new home construction industry was were I learned so much about best construction practices, estimating, building codes, and work flow scheduling.

After working in the new home construction industry for almost 7 years, I then moved back to Houston, Texas to go to work in the remodeling industry. The company I worked for specialized in the remodeling of investment properties. Working on rental rehabs, investment flips, and retail remodeling. We started mostly in the rehabbing of rental homes, and then moved into bigger rehabs and then into customer retail remodeling. I had the opportunity to become a partner in that business in 2015. I was a partner in that business from 2015 until 2021. In July of 2021 I decided to part ways so that I could focus on building a roofing business.

Taking all the experiences throughout my career and applying them to Fast Track Roofing, LLC is what I'm currently focused on. Applying integrity, excellence and value to our business approach, we are trying to change the Houston Roofing industry. We offer homeowners an excellent roof for a fair price.