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Who We Are

Whether it’s a flip or rental, investment properties in Houston require a strategic approach when it comes to remodeling. Trust a consistent, professional turn-key remodeling company who can produce repeatable results, trust Fast Track Remodeling LLC. We are one of a kind.

Our approach for investment property remodeling is industry-tested and proven to work. We pride ourselves on sticking to a schedule, using quality materials, and always keeping things professional.  We are the only Houston general contracting company you will find who will provide you with an on-site, detailed estimate.

When you choose Fast Track Remodeling LLC, you are valuing your time and ensuring your investment property remodeling project gets done right. 

 We understand you are trying to turn a profit. This is why we provide you with a detailed-scope of work during our walk-through and leave communication lines open. At Fast Track Remodeling, we have invested in proprietary software that facilitates clear communication through the bid process. We made it easy for you to contact us when you need to discuss anything related to your investment property remodel because we want you to always be able to know exactly what we are doing.



Turnkey Remodeling

With Fast Track Remodeling LLC, you entrust your home rehab project to investor-minded people, so you can rest assured our prices and pre-selected items will help you maximize your investment property’s potential.

In addition, our experienced crews have been with our company for years, so they know our expectation of quality and integrity when providing you with professional, turn-key remodeling services.

At Fast Track Remodeling LLC, our motto is:

Get it Done.

Get it Done Fast.

Get it Done Right.

It’s time to stop the headaches before they happen. Call Fast Track Remodeling LLC for your Houston investment property remodel. Fast Track is the best choice for turn-key remodels because we put you first.