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Your roof serves several beneficial purposes, including protecting your home from the elements and pests and providing insulation and curb appeal. In Houston, your roof protects you and your family from the blazing summer heat and sun and the rains of the temperamental tropical storm season, making it even more important to keep your roof in good condition.

Why Is It Important To Replace Your Roof?

The average lifespan of Houston roofs is between 15-20 years, resulting in thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance costs over that time. But repairs can only go so far; eventually, all roofs will fail and need replacing.  

What Is the Difference Between a Roof Replacement and Roof Repair?

While the tasks are similar, roof repairs are reserved for maintenance and simple issues, such as a small leak. These repairs usually require minimal equipment and manpower. Roof replacements, however, require more extensive work, including removing your old roof. 

How Do You Know You Need a New Roof?

Usually, older roofs and those showing visible signs of wear and tear, like missing shingles and cracks, are evidence of the need for a new roof. Other signs that it may be time to replace your roof include:

  • Large areas of cracked, curled, or missing shingles or tiles.
  • Discolored or stained areas.
  • Signs of mold, moss, or algae. 
  • Sinking or warping. 
  • There was recently a hail or tropical storm.
  • You’ve updated your home’s exterior.
  • You repaired your roof more than twice a year.
  • Your warranty has expired. 

The best way to determine if your roof needs to be replaced is to have it inspected by a licensed and experienced roofing expert. If you suspect that your roof could use a replacement, contact a reputable and knowledgeable Houston Roofing company like Fast Track Roofing.

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What Are the Benefits of Replacing Your Roof?

Not only does replacing your roof improves the structural integrity of your home, but a new roof also provides the benefits of:

  • Cost savings: The cost of replacing your roof will not decrease over time. The longer the roof remains, the more expenses you will incur. A new roof will also help reduce your heating and cooling costs.
  • Increased energy efficiency: Today’s roofing materials have improved greatly regarding keeping out the elements and reflecting sunlight.
  • Improved aesthetic and curb appeal: Covering a large portion of your home, it is important that it matches the aesthetic of your home. If you’ve updated your home recently, a new roof will add to its curb appeal. 
  • Increase in home value: A new roof adds value to your home.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Your Roof in Houston?

While the average cost of roof replacement can start at $6,000, the exact pricing of roofing in Houston depends on several factors, including:

  • The size of your home.
  • The type of material used.
  • Whether you have security or ventilation systems installed.
  • Whether your roof has a slope.
  • Your budget.
  • Your design and function goals.

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Why You Should Go With Fast Track Roofing

Fast Track Roofing is the premier Houston roofing company specializing in providing quality service and craftsmanship with affordability. Since 2018, we’ve completed more than 1,500 residential roof replacements in Houston and the surrounding areas. Our team of licensed and experienced roofing technicians uses cutting-edge satellite technology to provide you with an accurate same-day assessment of your roofing needs. 

Fast Track Roofing also assists real estate agents and investors who need properties for sale or rent.

We're Licensed, Insured, Bonded, and Award-winning

Fast Track Roofing is licensed by the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas. The City of Houston recognizes our roofing company as a “registered roofing contractor” that has met the standards set forth by the City of Houston’s Structural Inspections Department. We also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which recognized us as a Winner of Distinction in 2021 for our commitment to quality.

We even offer multiple affordable financing options, as low as $130 per month, to best fit your needs. Our services come with a 5-year labor warranty, as well as the shingle manufacturer warranty, with the available option to increase your warranty.

With our office easily accessible to the Westpark Tollway, Fast Track Roofing proudly provides roof replacement services to Houston and the surrounding areas, including Katy, Sugarland, and The Woodlands. Contact us online or call (346) 333-7663 today to discuss your Houston roofing needs and receive a free quote. 

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