Roof replacement for a single-family sized home is generally the most expensive cost of any repair needed to complete a real estate sales
transaction. Replacing the roof can generally increase the value of the house by as much as 5-7%. However, in some instances, the expense to replace the roof creates so much discord among the parties involved, that the entire sale may be in jeopardy.  If the inspector determines that the existing roof needs to be replaced in order for the sale to proceed, then the seller, buyer and the real estate agents must consider the following options:

  1. The estimated cost of a new roof IF replaced by the seller.
  2. Can the seller afford to replace the roof in order to proceed with the sale?
  3. Will the seller offer to reduce the sales price of the house to reflect the cost of a new roof?
  4. Will the buyer accept the value of a new roof as submitted by the seller?
  5. Will the buyer want to obtain a price quote for the replacement of their own?
  6. Can the buyer/seller come to an agreement that makes all parties satisfied?

This reduction in the sales price due to the cost of the roof and the price
adjustment could reflect in a lower sales commission for both the sellers and the buyers’ agents.

To a real estate sales professional, such as yourself, your obligation, whether as the agent for the buyer or the seller, is to make certain the right outcome is achieved.

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